Samantha Lane: Plan Your Days. Live Your Life.

Samantha Lane has spent her career perfecting the art of planned juggling. From an early start in video production and advertising, to more recent roles in higher education and wellness, Samantha has mastered accomplishing a lot with very little. It was through this art of harmonizing a busy job (sometimes two) with the essence of life that Origami Day was born. Samantha now helps clients to bring balance to a busy life through time management and increased personal productivity. Samantha holds a BS degree in Public Relations from the University of Tennessee and an MBA, with a specialization in Management, from King University.

This session will offer basic best practices for time management, tips for increased personal productivity, and practical encouragement on proper mindset to make the most of your days. Additionally, time can be devoted to client’s individual goals, barriers and solutions. All participants will receive a free downloadable Origami Sheet to begin planning days and living life.